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zoolingo apk

Hello all, today I am going to write about the best preschool education app for kids that is built for kids to learn color names, animals names and English alphabets. The app name is Zoolingo and it is the most awesome preschool app that I had ever come across.

zoolingo app apk

Zoolingo app makes learning for kids so much easy like 123. The app interface is very eye-catching, the graphics and animations are unique and of high quality. Zoolingo apk has a monkey character that helps kids to learn all the new things perfectly and they will never be going to be bored while learning with that monkey.

zoolingo app apk

Zoolingo app has different types of preschool games for kids that helps kids to learn and be creative. Those game consist of the numbers game, alphabets games, color games, and kids puzzle games. Puzzles, memory and more 2-year-old games will teach kids how to count, match, solve jigsaw puzzles and more. Learning is fun with Zoolingo apk.


Zoolingo For iPhone

Zoolingo offers a free trial to access the full app content and features. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a paid subscription before the end. You may cancel or manage the free trial or any of the paid subscriptions from your iTunes account settings. Auto-renewal may also be turned off via the account settings in iTunes.

Features of Zoolingo APP


– The high quality of animations and graphics are used.


– There are 16 languages in the app that will help your kids to learn in their own language.


– The game will keep children entertaining while learning.


– They will learn more and more before going to school.


– There are several types of preschool kids games.


– The app is user-friendly and very easy to use.


– Preschool learning with a monkey will help your toddlers to learn with love.


– No cumbersome worksheets and printouts to carry around.


Multi-Language Support

Sound and text instructions for multiple languages, including:
– English
– Japanese
– Mandarin (Chinese)
– Spanish
– Norwegian
– French
– German
– Russian
– Turkish
– Italian
– Danish
– Swedish
– Portuguese
– South Korean
– Indonesian
– Arabic


Zoolingo Games of Kids

– Alphabet: Learn how to read and write a-z in many languages.

– Counting: Learn to count numbers and animals.

– Jigsaw puzzles: Piece the animal puzzles back together.

– Card matching: Improve memory skills by matching the animals to their pictures and sounds.

– Drag the animals: Drag animals to a cage, count them, and learn their sounds.

– Complete the sequence: Recognize patterns and select the next animal to complete a sequence.

– Count and name: See how well your child learned the numbers and animals.

– Nursery rhymes.

– Kid coloring activities.

– Suitable for both boys and girls.


Download Zoolingo App for Android

Download Zoolingo App for iPhone



Thank you for reading. For any help or problem related to zoolingo app apk feel free to comment below.

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