Safe Text APK – Secure Messaging App

Safe Text – Best Secure Messaging App

Protecting users data online is the most important issue nowadays because of some privacy scandals now people are so much worried about their privacy. So, for this reason, today I am going to share an amazing app that will secure your communications with any of your friend, family member or business partner.

safe text

I have received many emails from my friends asking about to recommend the best and the most secure messaging app for them so I had to search and use many best encrypted messaging apps and find one of the best secure message sending and receiving app named as Safe Text.

safe text

The safe text is a texting service that is built with state of the art technology to ensure your privacy and anonymity. The will never show your information to anyone that who are you and what you have texted them and to whom you have sent your text. So I will recommend this best secure messaging app to everyone.


Safe Text is available for Android and iPhone, you can even create your account and use this app on their official website Let me discuss some amazing features of the safe text app.


Features of Safe Text

  • You can delete your messages or media on the recipient’s device too after you had sent it.


  • Your text will be automatically deleted in 24 hours.


  • The safe text has user custom delete options.


  • When you delete a Safe Text from your device it will also be deleted from all devices worldwide.


  • You will get screen capture notification on iPhone.


  • You can communicate with anyone from any region or country and all your communications will be secure.


  • There will be an Optional PIN to access Safe Text.


  • The servers of the Safe Text is located outside the United States.


  • When you add someone to your Safe Text address book you are automatically added to their address book.


  • When you delete someone from your address book you are automatically deleted from their address book.


  • You can change your username and alias as often as you like, and your existing contacts can still contact you and won’t even know that you changed your username or alias.



How to use Safe Text

  • Install and open safe text app.


  • If you are a new user you have to create an account first.


  • Click on the register.


  • Add your name and password.


  • After that add your mobile number.


  • Now you can use it by typing a username in the search box or by adding contacts into the app.




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Thank you for reading. For any help or problem feel free to comment below.

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  1. I use this app. Luvvvvv it! Get a friend to sign up at the same time, that way you’re able to use it right away! Features on it are cool.

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