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hill climb racing

Fantastic Hill Climb Racing

You are searching for the best hill climb racing game for android? Then you are at right place because today I have an awesome gift for you that is sharing one of the best hill climbing racing game named as Fantastic Hill Racing.  Nowadays it is in the list of my best offline game for android because I play it on daily basis. Let me discuss it in more details.

hill climb racing

Fantastic hill climb racing game is an amazing racing game. Ride your car or jeep and go on the hill climb race, go through this adventure in the different maps. The road will be harder with as you advance in levels, so improve your skills to reach the destination without falling off your car or jeep to win the grand climb hill race.

hill climb racing

Earn more and more coins in Fantastic Hill Climb racing to unlock more interesting features of the game such as  new maps to ride, you can unlock new cars and also you can upgrade your car features with the coins.


Upgrade Maps with Coins

You can upgrade maps with coins, the each level you finish the more you will get challenging level that makes the game more interesting. It has total 15 levels or maps and each level and map is unique and getting more harder and harder to finish.

hill climb racing


Upgrade Cars with Coins

You can upgrade your cars in this amazing hill climb racing game. Every cars has unique types of features that is speed, brake, jump etc. The game have 12 unique cars that can be purchased through the coins your earn in the game or even you can buy coins by spending some $. Each car has different type of size, color and shape.

hill climb racing


Upgrade Car Accessories

You can upgrade car accessories in the fantastic hill climbing racing game, that is you can upgrade your car engine. Improved engine result in power increase. You can upgrade car suspension will help in lower the weight point and improved shock absorption.

hill climb racing

Also with coins in your account that can be used to upgrade car tyres , hence improved car tyres result in better traction and better power delivery to the ground. Also you can upgrade car fuel if you have some coins.


Features of Fantastic Hill Climb Racing

  • Fantastic hill climb racing has a high quality of graphics and animations.


  • The game is very user friendly.


  • Fantastic hill racing is very easy to play and control the character.


  • 15 different types of maps or levels, each and every level is unique and interesting.


  • There are 12 different types of cars in fantastic hill climb racing game, each car has own shape, color and size.


  • You can upgrade your car accessories like car engine, car suspension, car tyres and car fuel.



Download Fantastic Hill Climb Racing Game


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Thank you for reading. For any help or problem related to the hill climb racing game feel free to comment below.


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