Fishy Run Game APK

You are alone and getting bored? Don’t worry I have an awesome game to share with you guys that will change your boring time into a fun time because today I am going to write about a very superb android game named as Fishy Run. It is a very unique type of game and the gameplay is so challenging and interesting that I play it now on daily basis.

fishy run apk

The fishy run game is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is developed by 4onStudios and recently updated on 8th Jan 2019. The gameplay of the game is so simple but very unique and challenging type.



How to play Fishy Run

Fishy Run apk, the free underwater survival game, is all about moving through the mines and of course collecting coins, stars and a wide range of power-ups and boosters. So, if you are into such dash and dodge games and looking for a fun and addictive underwater survival game, download Fishy Run for free on your Android device and let your adventurous journey begin in the ocean.

fishy run apk

You will get different stars bt finishing your every mission also you will get coins and those coins and the stars can be used to unlock new items and characters. Also, you can play against your friends, family and many players from all around the world. You can collect more stars and coins to increase your high score and be at the top of the leaderboard.


Features of Fishy Run Game

As I said it is very unique and interesting game, so fishy run has some amazing features too which I want to discuss so that you can be fully aware of these amazing features of fishy run apk. Read the below features of Fishy Run game.

fishy run apk

  • The fishy run has a clean and beautiful design with a very friendly user interface.


  • The fishy run has high-quality graphics with cool sound effects.


  • Smooth animations with super easy to learn gameplay.


  • Leaderboard feature to compete against family and friends.


  • Collect coins and stars to unlock new items.


  • Collect boosters and power-ups.


  • The fishy run is free to play.



Download Fishy Run For Android

Download Fishy Run for iPhone


Thank you for reading. For any help or problem related to the fishy run game feel free to comment below.

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