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double jumper apk

Double Jumper Game

You are getting bored and have nothing to do, right? Today, I am here to post a review about an amazing arcade game that is named as Double Jumper. The logic and the gameplay of double jumper game is very unique. Let’s discuss the game in more details.

Check the above video of the game and try to absorb the gameplay. There are two animated cartoons running in the game window. There are two cartoons running at the same time and you have to control both of the characters in a single window. This can be done by controlling the upper character of the cartoon by tapping the upper side of the screen and the lower screen character can be controlled by tapping the lower side of the screen.


Features of Double Jumper APK

Following are the amazing features of the double jumper game apk.

  • A unique gameplay idea.


  • You have to control two characters at one time.


  • Amazing themes.


  • Cool and HD animations.


  • Amazing and challenging missions.


  • Four types of characters i.e Red, Yellow, Pizzi, and rainbow.



Download Double Jumper APK


Thank you for reading. For any help or problem about the game please comment below.

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