Cake Match Forest 3

Cake Match Forest 3

Hello friends, I have found an amazing casual game for Android called Cake Match Forest 3. It is one of the best game that has made me a fan of this game. It is a candy crush type of game, as you have to match the cakes in the game. It is very interesting and mind teasing game.

cake match forest 3

The gameplay of Cake Match Forest 3 is to make matches by placing 2 or more cakes of the same type next to each other in either a horizontal or vertical arrangement. To clear each level, you must complete the fill bar in the right and/or break all the tiles below the cakes, you’ll lose a life if the time runs out. You can also activate magic mushrooms and color balls by making a match touching them.

cake match forest 3


Cake Match Forest 3 Features

  • Cake match forest has 3 match of gameplay that is very challenging.


  • You have to complete the mission/level before the time goes out.


  • Cake match forest 3 has awesome and HD graphics.


  • The game has amazing sounds and music.


  • You can collect many items to trigger special effects.


  • There are 90 levels in the game.


  • Every level is more interesting and challenging from one another.


  • Close any time and resume later.


  • Easy to play but very challenging.


  • You can play it offline.



Download Cake Match Forest 3


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Thank you for reading. For any information or any help related to cake match forest 3 game feel free to comment below.

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