Air Strike Battle – Best Plane Fighting Game

Air Strike Battle

Air Strike Battle

Air Strike Battle apk is my favorite plane fighting game for Android. Air strike battle is a new action fighting game for Android released in January 2019. Its gameplay and graphics are so cool that now I play it on my daily basis. Let me discuss the features of this awesome plane fighting game in more details.

air strike battle

Air Strike Battle leads you straight into the air fighting. Flying in the scenario map to beat enemy aircraft to get higher score and level-up. But it is not so easy to beat your enemy the reason it is very challenging indeed. You have to win each level to increase the capability of your fighting plane, or you can purchaseĀ upgrades and more powerful aircraft equipment.

air strike battle

There are 13 missions in the game and every mission is very interesting and challenging. Complete more and more missions to get coins and use them to upgrade the features of the plane. You can also purchase upgrades to add features to your planes such as adding speed to your plane, adding armor to your plane and increasing attack strength of your plane.

air strike battle

There are 3 types of planes and every fighting plane has a unique type of power, armor and attack qualities. There are some more features that you have to collect while playing the game like collecting free rockets, collect armor and health of your fighting plane etc.


Features of Air Strike Battle

  • High quality of graphics is used.


  • Different types of colors and themes are used in the game.


  • There are 13 missions in the game.


  • Air strike battle has 3 different fighting planes, each is different from one another.


  • Beautiful music and sound are used in the game.


  • Easy to play.


  • Easy to control.


  • Free to play.



Download Air Strike Battle


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Thank you for reading. For any help related to the game feel free to comment below.


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