Best Headphones for PUBG (Mobile,Xbox and PC)

Best Head phones for pubg

Being a regular player of PUBG mobile game, you will know the importance of a good headphone. So I ‘ve decided to write an article about the best headphones for pubg pc and mobile. The better your headphone in PUBG the better you can play, or if you think that you can play better without having a good headset then you are wrong.

Having the best headphone for PUBG will help you to hear better the footsteps of your enemies and the directions of the fire shot clearly and nicely. So today, I am going to have a list of the best headphones for PUBG mobile game.



 1.  Sennheiser GSP 300 Headphone

My first recommended headphone for the PUBG game is Sennheiser GSP 300 because it is one of the least expensive and the best headphone for PUBG under $70. The angles of this headphone are well foamed so it will not hurt your ears if you want to play PUBG game for hours. It is not stylish but it will give you the exceptional bass performance along with acoustic clarity.


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This headphone can supports frequency response up to 15 – 26,000 Hz, also it has a very deep noise cancelling feature to kick all the useless sounds from the surrounding while playing the PUBG game.


Sennheiser GSP 300 headphone can be fairly used with mobile, PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. You can check the online reviews of the people about the Sennheiser GSP 300 on Amazon.

  • Mic quality is fantastic, amazing for a headset.

  • Sound quality is great for the price.

  • Great seal on the closed cans.

  • The headphone has a 2-years warranty.

  • This is wired headphone.
  • Closed-ear design


2. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Headphone

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x buy on amazon

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is my second choice for the best headphones for PUBG mobile. This headphone’s shape is very handy and smooth that is never be going to hurt your ears even if you want to play any game or listen to music for hours. 


The best budget headphone for anyone to enjoy playing PUBG game with more fun and a great sound. By using this headphone you can easily hear the footsteps of your enemies in any kind of game.


These are very well designed headphone, the all-black designed goes well with the metal clingers that have a very short cable helps to alter the size of the headphone.


The wire cable of the headphone is 3 meters long. You can use ATH-M20x with your smartphones easily and confidently. ATH-M20x is 0.46 lbs that don’t apply too much pressure to the head, and the large ear cups fit around most listener’s ears. The ear cups of the headphone can also be flip if you want it to use for quick listening.


You will hear things in music that you’ve never noticed before because your old headphones simply didn’t offer the clarity that these do.


  • Sound quality is excellent. Rich, warm tones with a balanced sound overall.

  • Feels well made.

  • Good seal around ears.

  • Easy to adjust the size.

  • Doesn’t have the detachable wire.

  • Its is not wireless headphone.



3. Logitech G Pro Headphone

logitech g pro headphone

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Logitech G Pro headphone is third in my list of best headphones for PUBG game, of course, Logitech g pro is the peripheral equipment giant, not just in terms of gaming.  Thanks to a wide sound field, it is a convincing e-sports headset, in which the position of, for example, footsteps and gunfire is excellent.


In addition, the Logitech G Pro headphone has one of the best microphones in this test. The G Pro excels in the area that Logitech claims to have made for it: competitive gaming. In terms of sound, it also scores well in other games, and the music reproduction is also quite impressive, although the bass is very emphatically present to our taste. Not everyone will like that, but younger e-athletes will probably find the sturdy and tight bass attractive.


Logitech G Pro headphone also scores well in terms of adjustability, it fits perfectly on each of the three test subject heads, although no one judges it as the ultimate in comfort, due to the relatively harder cushions. The finish is pleasant, but the soft-touch plastic is contagious and quickly looks dirty.


  • Loud enough for music & gaming.

  • The leather ear covers are very nice and do a good job of cancelling out background noise.

  • Great for directional gaming sounds.

  • Sometimes the mic picks up your own sound very easily and it is very hard to make it stop.

  • Ear pads a bit stiff.



4. Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphone

sony wh-1000xm3 headphone

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Sony always produces quality stuff and the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone is one of the best product produced by them. I always recommend to every gamer or music lover to buy Sony headphones as they have quality stuff. Sony WH-1000XM3 can be the best choice to play PUBG game hence this will allow you to hear footsteps and gunfire direction easily.


This third-generation headset with noise-cancelling from Sony has a few differences compared to its predecessors. The quick charging function to enjoy five hours of music after only ten minutes of charging is a very pleasant one. In any case, the battery lasts a little longer, while the weight has slightly decreased.


It is unbelievable how well the headphones filter out ambient noise. That not only works with notorious noisemakers such as aeroplanes and trains but also on the street.


As soon as you set up the WH-1000XM3, you will be sucked into a pleasant kind of vocal no-man’s-land. Even before the music is on. Fortunately, just like with the competition, the ambient noise can be amplified at the push of a button if needed. This way, the owner does not have to take the headset off if someone talks to him. It may also be for this price, but there is nothing to complain about the sound quality of what is needed.


  • One of the best noise-cancelling headphone.

  • Accurate for sound, music and even calls.

  • Comfortable to use.

  • Light to use.

  • Adjustable headband feels a bit loose.



5. Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Headphone

Samson SR850 headphone

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Talking about the best headphones for PUBG and Samson SR850 headphone is not in the list, how it can be possible. The headphone offers maximum quality at a price that is considered quite affordable.


The headphone has a 50 mm housing driver that will produce sound with a dynamic and wide range. The ability to display solid bass as well as accurate treble makes this headphone very appropriate for those of you who are looking for details on audio. The headphone works well for any type of game.


The SR850 is a headphone with low impedance which means you don’t need an amplifier to run it, it should be loud enough for listening even on your phone. Samson sr850 headphone cable is good and had absolutely no problems with the stock one.


  • If you’re a gamer, it really places you inside the virtual environment.

  • The best headphones in the below-$50 price range.

  • The headphones adjust to fit many different head shapes and sizes comfortably.

  • A little bit too much bass.

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